Balloons aren't just for children's parties anymore! Balloons can be used to decorate many events, large and small! There is nothing better than balloons for filling space and adding color to an area. There are so many things that you can do with balloons, most people just don't realize! There are arches and columns, garlands and canopies, and don't forget your centerpieces. Balloon Décor can be made in several designs, shapes and colors. Allow us to carry your color theme throughout your event. Just take a look at what balloons can do for your event!

Balloons can turn a dull lifeless room into a magical wonderland of colors and shapes. Balloons can be used to create any atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a party/festive atmosphere or simple elegance, balloons bring an "air" of flexibility to whatever the theme.

canopy      canopy
Your dance floor is someplace where balloons can really shine!
Dance floor canopies are available in several styles and color combinations.

The balloons can be accented with fresh or silk flowers, lights, garland, ribbons, and
more to create a fantastic display of wonder and festiveness!

When your banquet hall has really high ceilings, balloon canopies really fill
the space and create such a dramatic statement.

Balloons can also be elegant! Especially for weddings, pearl white accented with
flowers makes a beautiful display!

arch1      arch
Balloons are great for corporate functions such as grand openings or family day. They are also
good for trade shows, holiday parties, conventions, special sales, and more!

Topiaries are great for registration areas, guest tables, gift tables and so much more!

Balloons mixed with flowers create such an elegant look.

Balloon Topiaries make great centerpieces! They can also be used to mark entrances or to corner dance floors. They come in several sizes and can be done in several designs!

heart      heart2

The heart is the international symbol of love.

Balloon Hearts are perfect at weddings for behind cake tables, head tables, or as the
center focus in a dance floor canopy.

Balloon hearts can be done in different patterns and color combinations.
Add flowers for a more elegant look!

Try adding lighting to your Balloon Sculptures for added effect! Once the house lights are
down, each balloon gives off a soft glow.

clumns clouds          
  Columns are freestanding and can be placed anywhere and can be customized with different toppers.

Clouds can be hung or floating! Both come in many styles and patterns!




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